Everything You Need to Know About Mail-Order Pharmacies

Your time is valuable. Who would want to spend time going to pick up the prescriptions from the pharmacy if you didn’t have to, right?

Well you’re in luck! Most Medicare plans offer a time-saving alternative to having to drive to the pharmacy to get your prescriptions.

With mail-order pharmacies you can enjoy the convenience of using your Medicare Part D drug plan from the comfort of your home. 

Most health insurance plans either have their own mail-order pharmacy programs, such as  Humana Mail Order Pharmacy, or partner with trusted pharmacies, such as CVS, to provide mail-order pharmacy benefits for qualified Medicare recipients.

Save more than time with the benefits of having your prescriptions delivered through mail-order pharmacies

In addition to having your maintenance meds delivered right to your door, there are other advantages to using your plan’s mail order pharmacy benefit. 

When you enroll, you can gain peace of mind with:

And of course there’s the time savings!

If you live more than 15 minutes away from your local pharmacy or utilize transportation assistance, getting to and from the pharmacy can be very time consuming. 

It’s pretty clear mail-order pharmacy services are worth considering. 

Now are you asking “How do I enroll in mail-order prescription services?”

Understanding how all the parts of Medicare coverage work can be challenging at first, but there are plenty of resources if you need help understanding Medicare Part D coverage or learning how to find the right Medicare Part D coverage

And getting enrolled in a mail-order pharmacy program is pretty simple.

Step 1: Register for the program

Signing up for home delivery prescription programs varies by carrier.

For most carriers you can register online, complete a mail service order form, or call the number on your member ID card.

It’s that simple!

Step 2: Ensure your medications are available 

To make sure your prescriptions are available through the mail-order program, you can search printed formularies (drug lists) from your pharmacy, utilize online prescription look-up tools, or simply pick up the phone and call to ask the pharmacy.

Step 3: Have your physician submit the prescriptions 

The easiest way to get your prescriptions submitted for mail-order services is to have your doctor electronically send the prescription to the pharmacy using an e-prescription.

Of course, you can also have your physician send a physical prescription form to the pharmacy as well.

Here are the top Medicare carriers who offer mail-order prescription drug benefits

Plenty of Medicare carriers offer mail-order pharmacies. 

Click on the links below for mail-order pharmacy enrollment information on each of the carriers:

But that’s not all. 

BlueCross BlueShield also offers mail-order pharmacy services; though these services vary by state. Additionally, you can get mail-order prescriptions with Solis, simply call 888-240-2211 to learn more.

Save a monthly trip to the pharmacy (and potentially a few dollars) with the mail-order option. 

Just think of what you can do with all that free time. 

Need help navigating your Medicare Part D benefits? Find an advisor who can help you make sure you're getting the most out of your prescription drug plan.

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